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CompuShow Producer
for Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and XP

Sending digital pictures to friends and family, clients and customers just got simpler, thanks to CompuShow Producer! Have you got pictures from a digital camera, scanner, or photos on disk?

With CompuShow Producer you design digital "Photo Albums". The Photo Album is a complete viewer program with your pictures and captions "inside". Just attach the single executable program (".exe file") to your email, to be sure that there's no problem viewing the pictures and reading your narratives on any Windows 95, 98, or NT system.

Little League

It couldn't be easier to move your Album from one computer to another. CompuShow Producer even builds "self installing" floppy disks. Just run the program on the first floppy and it reassembles the Album by asking for each disk in turn, places it on the desktop and opens it immediately.

Real Estate

Since the photo album is a complete package, there's just one file to install, copy, move, and delete. No worry about missing pieces when you start, and removing the album gets rid of everything when you're done.

With CompuShow Producer, you design your photo albums using:

If security is an issue, you can even password protect the album.

Download  Download CompuShow Producer version 1.0
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