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Sedona AZ, 86336
CompuShow 32

for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

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October 1, 2001: CompuShow 32 version 5.1 released

Enhancements include:

May 4, 2001: CompuShow 32 version 5.0 released

Enhancements include:

November 15, 2000: CompuShow 32 version 4.0 released

Enhancements include:

November 29, 2000: CompuShow 32 version 4.01

May 22, 2000: CompuShow 32 version 3.0 released

Enhancements include:

June 8, 2000: CompuShow 32 revision 3.01 released

Revision 3.01 includes a redesigned Register/Upgrade Wizard to circumvent the "Denied" response from CompuServe's mail server.

July 3, 2000: CompuShow 32 revision 3.02 released

Changed Register and Upgrade Wizards for new (1-Jul-2000) Arizona sales tax rate and fixed Wizard operation on systems with email registry entries missing.

November 10, 1999: CompuShow 32 version 2.1 released

Enhancements include:

December 9, 1999: CompuShow 32 revision 2.11 released

Revision 2.11 includes improved JPEG error trapping, to avoid "empty input file" errors during thumbnail build, and stores the volume label of removable disks during the Thumbnail Update.

January 14, 2000: CompuShow 32 revision 2.12 released

Revision 2.12 includes a fix to the drive list for drives Q: to Z:

May 13, 1999: CompuShow 32 version 2.0 released

Major enhancements include: We've also added an upgrade wizard to the ShareWare version 2.0 program. So, if you're a registered user of version 1, you can download and try out the ShareWare version 2, and use it to order your upgrade by secure, encrypted email!

May 26, 1999: CompuShow 32 version 2.01 released

Version 2.01 circumvents a "link to missing export" error in KERNEL32.DLL for very early (before "OEM Service Release 2") versions of Windows 95. This change is not needed for Windows 98, Windows NT, or the OSR2 release of Windows 95.

January 4, 1999

CompuShow 32 is awarded "Pick Of The Week", by the Graphic Arts Forum on America Online!
AOL award!

December 28, 1998; Sedona AZ

Canyon State Systems is pleased to announce the release of CompuShow 32 for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT.

Continuing the rich tradition of its predecessors, the newest CompuShow retains all the most popular and essential features of earlier programs including CompuShow for Windows, and the DOS CompuShow and CompuShow 2000!

A result of the most thorough modernization and extensive redesign in Canyon State history, CompuShow 32 takes full advantage of 32-bit windows features, including the much requested long file names.

Consistent use of a mouse right-click for pop up menus keeps the user interface simple and intuitive while providing instant access to special features.

Simple "check box" options establish CompuShow 32 as the program used by windows to open selected file types. Other check boxes set up (or remove) a CompuShow 32 icon on the desktop or start button, and set it up to run at windows startup time on either the task bar or task tray.

A brief overview of CompuShow 32 features... If you now use CompuShow for Windows, you'll find that virtually all its capabilities have been implemented in CompuShow 32, so you don't need to give up anything to move up to the "new CompuShow"!

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