Canyon State Systems

Sedona AZ, 86336
CompuShow 32
for Windows 95, 98, SE, ME, NT, 2000, XP... and beyond
Designed for Windows version 95, 98, SE, ME, NT, 2000, XP 3.1
Long file names and long folder names Yes No
Built-in User's Guide Yes No
Acquire pictures from "Twain 32" scanner, digital camera, etc. Yes No
Right mouse click and "Windows 95 key" pops up menu of standard functions Yes No
Delete files Yes Yes
Send files to "recycle bin" Yes No
Standard keyboard shortcuts to delete or recycle files Yes No
Properties dialog for files: hide files, set "read-only" and "archive" attributes Yes No
Properties dialog for folders: hide folders, set "read-only" and "archive" attributes Yes No
Properties dialog for disk drives: create or change disk "volume label" Yes No
Folder "history list" to immediately jump to any folder you've visited recently Yes No
Folder "bookmark list" to instantly open a favorite folder Yes No
Drag from desktop or Windows explorer and drop on main window to show picture Yes Yes
Drag from desktop or Windows explorer and drop on main window to copy or move a file Yes No
"Drag and drop" to copy or move files with only one window open Yes Yes
"Drag and drop" to copy or move folders Yes No
Maximum open main ("explorer") windows No limit 1
View thumbnails on the main window Yes No
Compare folders (with thumbnails in CompuShow 32) "side by side" Yes No
Maximum columns of files (with thumbnails in CompuShow 32) on main window Multiple 1
"Drag and drop" to copy or move files to a second main window Yes No
View thumbnails on "Inspect" window (multiple rows of thumbnails for this folder at top, picture display below) Yes No
Maximum open Gallery windows No limit 1
View thumbnails on Gallery window Yes Yes
Gallery display as (Windows standard option) "large icons", "small icons", "list" or "details" Yes No
"Find" function to open a main window for any thumbnail in the Gallery Yes No
Gallery print options include All, Tagged, or Page Yes "All" only
Display and thumbnails for most standard formats including GIF, JPEG, BMP, Tiff, PCX, PNG, and Targa Yes Yes
Display and thumbnails for "Meta files" (WMF and EMF), optional thumbnails for windows icons (ICO) Yes No
Fast JPEG display, incremental display and creation of "progressive" JPEGs Yes No
Option to exclude thumbnails for selected folders (eg. browser "cache" folders) Yes No
"Temporary" thumbnails for removable disks, optionally store them in the Gallery database Yes No
Thumbnail "master switch" Yes No
Update thumbnails for an entire disk Yes Yes
Interrupt the disk update at any time Yes No
Automatically highlight obsolete thumbnails, delete thumbnails by folder Yes No
Background color or wallpaper in slide shows Yes No
Real Media audio and MP3 music in slide shows and screen saver Yes No
Screen saver pictures "float" around the screen Yes No
Batch print a group of tagged files (1 or more per page) Yes No
Batch convert tagged files to a different format or standard size Yes No
Create a "web page" of tagged files to view in your favorite browser, right on your hard disk Yes No
Rename a batch of tagged files Yes No
Maximum open picture windows No limit 1
Compare pictures "side by side" Yes No
Adjust picture gamma, contrast, brightness, red, green and blue Yes Yes
Convert to "black and white", negative, mirror, rotate 90, 180, or 270 degrees Yes No
Sharpen / soften images Yes No
Save as 16 colors, 256 colors, full color Yes Yes
Save as 2 colors, 8 colors, "standard" 16 colors, 32, 64, 128, Internet standard "browser safe" 256 color palette Yes No
Trim before saving Yes No
Dither option Yes No
Edit text files Yes No
Display, open, and extract ZIP files Yes No
"SuperTree" function to identify space used by folders Yes No
Optionally run from task tray or Quick Launch, optional icon on your start button Yes No
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